Surprising dinner in Texel

Eating in the Het Schoutenhuys is a definite adventure. We serve the greatest dishes, sized down. “Taste and experience Texel” receives a new dimension. You can order various ‘Gerechies’ from the menu. Delicious mini dishes that can be enjoyed through out the evening.  There is something tasty for everyone on the menu. To make things easier we have compiled a few menus. You can share a table with friends, family or just the two of you: Het Schoutenhuys will offer you an unforgettable culinary evening.

Unfortunately we we are closed. It is not yet known when we will reopen.

our menu

'Gerechies' of meat, fish and vegetables

Sometimes you have to take a risk. Not taking the usual way, but looking for alternative ways. And that is exactly what our chefs in Het Schoutenhuys do every day. They create small dishes, which are changed every two weeks for new variations. What remains the same: the undiminished passion to show the best local and regional products. Because with so many rich ingredients in our island backyard, it’s a joy to cook! The land and the sea reveal so much beauty every season. A selection from the – very long – list: lamb, cockles, asparagus, shiitake mushroom, sheep’s cheese, honey.

We serve both cold and warm dishes. The signature is clearly Texel, but the chefs also play with oriental influences. Progress is slowly being made towards main dishes (hoofdgerechies). The ‘journey’ eventually leads to wonderful desert (nagerechies). Sweet or savory; we keep that a secret too. Come taste and experience for yourself!

The Gerechies van de Schout costs € 41.50 per person.


An unusual dinner requires a special entourage. And you can count on that in Het Schoutenhuys. The Drink and  Spice Room is located in the oldest stone-made building on Texel, dating out of 1652. The Schout lived within these walls and this striking building served as a courthouse. You can still see historical details everywhere. It creates an intimate ambience. Perfect for an evening dining with your partner, family or friends.

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A week or weekend on Texel becomes extra attractive thanks to our advantageous packages. Accommodation, good food and nice extras during your stay. Every season has its charm, so take the boat out during the stormy autumn or in the calm winter months. In addition to Het Schoutenhuys, you can also visit the Brasserie all year round. You sit ‘first row’ on the terrace during the bustling summer months. If the weather drops to winter temperatures, you can relax in the serre.

Cozy and open all day. The Brasserie serves lunch and dinner, where you can taste delicious, homemade dishes.

There is so much to experience on Texel. That simply does not fit in four seasons. That’s why we have six! Discover our packages.