For  10 to 500 people


De Lindeboom has 3 conference rooms available for business meetings, dinners, parties and receptions. Each room has its own unique style, ranging from classical to modern. There are arrangements for groups of 10 to 500 people. The combination of hotel, conference rooms and three restaurants under one and the same roof offers unlimited possibilities. Just let us know what you want and we’ll gladly prepare a tailor-made programme.

Please contact us for more details and tailor-made proposals.

T: +31 222 312 041


The Bailiff’s Room is a stately, classical room with glass chandeliers on the ceiling and along the walls. The tall wooden cabinets are both decorative and intimate. The drawing dating from 1787 on the back wall is a special eye-catcher. This historical entourage is ideal for an intimate wedding or family dinner (between 40 to 50 people). There are modern meeting facilities, such as a beamer, internet, audio equipment and a whiteboard. The tables can be arranged as you wish so you can create the best setting for your meeting or dinner.


The Weighing Room, located between ’t Schoutenhuys and Hotel De Lindeboom, is a perfect location for groups of up to 30 people. We use this room during dinners, private receptions or business meetings. The interior with its large wooden wine rack and casks is a prominent reminder of the large assortment of beverages in ’t Schoutenhuys. The Weighing Room can be joined to ’t Schoutenhuys to accommodate larger groups.


QuestionPlaza – with its podium and spacious dance floor – is a large room with a wide range of possibilities such as theatrical performances, weddings, company parties or business presentations. The QuestionPlaza has everything you need for a successful event. A number of well-known artists have performed on our podium, including Marco Borsato, Van Dik Hout and Rita Reys. The modern lighting and sound equipment adds to the professionalism. At your request, we can arrange an entire programme with a buffet or dinner, a DJ, a band or another cultural performance.

Hotel De Lindeboom