Authentic Texel

We can write a book about it. The guests, the history, the hotel rooms, the dishes. But… looking at beautiful pictures online sometimes says enough. Check the various pages and take a look at Hotel De Lindeboom.

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De Lindeboom is a three-star hotel in the heart of Den Burg, where hospitality has a long tradition. The building dating from 1891 combines an authentic atmosphere with modern facilities. Take a break and let the real enjoyment begin.

The hotel has 49 rooms, ranging from comfortable to luxurious. A soft bed, modern bathroom and cozy lounge area. Choose your favorite room and enjoy a hospitable stay on Texel.

Visit our Brasserie and Drink and Food Room ‘t Schoutenhuys. You can taste the real Texel at the table. Pure flavors of the island, from cheese to lamb, give every dish something extra. Enjoy your meal!