't Schoutenhuys

House of the bailiff

The Texel sheriff’s house once stood on the site of the ‘t Schoutenhuys liquor and food room. He was ‘known’ as the most important man on the island. As a civil servant he was responsible for administrative and judicial tasks. The sheriff was also responsible for maintaining public order. As far as we know, ‘t Schoutenhuys is the oldest stone building on Texel. It was built in 1652. The decorated entrance door and stepped gable date from the early 17th century. Over the centuries it has changed in appearance. During a large-scale renovation in 1981, the beautifully decorated facade and stepped gable were restored to their former glory. The coat of arms stones of Texel and Den Burg have been given a place in the facade.


Under ‘t Schoutenhuys lies a historic cellar. According to chronicles, it dates back to 1362. In addition to its function as a cellar, the room also served as a prison. With thick steel chains the prisoners were chained. On the Vismarkt, the little square in front of ‘t Schoutenhuys, stands the Waaggebouw from 1833. In addition to weighing goods for taxation (and weighing fish), justice was administered here. The pillory block was adjacent to our building. There, convicts were publicly humiliated or even hanged.

Unique wall panel

Inside the building is the Schoutenzaal with a unique work of art. It comes from Huize Brakestein near Oudeschild. Artist Warmoes created a beautiful wall panel in 1787. He depicted the elements of air, water, earth and fire. It is reflected in the many decorations of birds, fishing, gardening and blacksmithing. The panel is framed with decorative carvings. Many historical details can still be discovered in ‘t Schoutenhuys itself.


Behind the striking facade today lies a cozy restaurant. ‘t Schoutenhuys liquor and food room is part of Hotel De Lindeboom. With a nod to the rich past, we serve Gerechies van de Schout here. A changing surprise menu, consisting of small dishes with meat, fish and vegetables. The restaurant can also be rented out for groups. In the historic Schoutenzaal we hold meetings and private dinners. You are most welcome. Book through the hotel reception or call +31 222 312 041.